Tanger Trio & ensemble mondaine

Piano Trio plus strings,woodwinds,vocals. Music between Jazz, modern classic and cine noir soundtracks.
In 2010 Hansjoern Brandenburg(piano/composition) and Thomas Wydler(dr/perc) started working on their Tanger trio project. It was one of those long,cold Berlin winters ,when they had the idea ,why not go to Tanger to escape this bad weather and start playing in one of the old Art Deco Hotel bars.They started jamming with Sirone Jones ,the pioneer of free music in NYC , who moved to Berlin. After his sudden death they kept on working with Andreas Henze on bass.2011 Brandenburg added additional Arrangements with strings,woodwinds,mandolin and voice ,to expand the soundscape of the piano trio.In that 7 piece ensemble mondaine we find musicians from all over europe and southamerica ,all based in Berlin. This colourful album was released in August 2013 by Series Aphonos ,a new label for instrumental music from London. Some tracks were already used by filmmakers in a documentary about Potsdamer strasse ,Berlin`s ex-Broadway in the 20ties. Brandenburgs music is hard to define ,its athmospheric ,beyond boundries of genre or style. Music for dance ,movie or theatre
...or for drinking a cup of tea and just beginning to wonder ...


Hansjoern Brandenburg Piano/Composition/Arrangement

Phillipp Kullen
Drums /Perc/Sounddesign

Andreas Henze


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