Hans Jörn Brandenburg

Composer - Musician - Director

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Peter Pan

Barrie | Wilson | Cocorosie
March 3.-5., Taipeh / Taiwan
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Rosefeldt with Cate Blanchet
Park Avenue Armory, New York
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Becket | Wilson | Kuhn
Berliner Ensemble
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Piano Pieces

During the last three years I wrote about 35 piano pieces, which will be soon available online.
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I am working on a musical performance called Pian-O-Pera. Its a way to reduce the form of opera to the simplest version with one Piano/Player, one singer, one dancer.
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An interview

Tanger Trio

Description coming soon
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  • 2016Residency at The Watermill Center New York
  • 2015 MD and Arranger for FAUST 1+2 by Goethe/Wilson/Groenmeyer at Berliner Ensemble
  • 2014Pianomusic Collection „Winter in Tanger“ unreleased
  • 2013MD for "Peter Pan" by Barrie; directed by Wilson; Music by Cocorosie
  • 2012Release of „Tanger Trio and Ensemble Mondaine“ at Series Aphonos/London
  • 2011 and 2007-2003MD for Wilson/Waits „Woyzeck“ in Dresden
  • 2009MD for "Sonette" Shakespeare/Wilson/Wainwright Composed music for several productions of GeorgeTabori between
  • 2008Musical arrangements for "Parsifal" Wagner/T.Kühnel/J.Kuttner at Schauspiel Cologne
  • 2007MD for "Threepennyopera" Brecht/Weill/Wilson at Berliner ensemble
  • 2006Music for "Totentanz" Strindberg/Th.Langhoff
  • 2005MD/Composer for "Wintertales "Shakespeare/Wilson at Berliner ensemble
  • 2003MD for "Leonce & Lena" Buechner/Wilson /Groenemeyer at Berliner ensemble
  • 2003 Moved to Berlin
  • 2002MD for "TheepennyOpera" Brecht/Weill/N.Stemann at Schauspiel Hannover
  • 2001I did the string arrangements for the Tiger Lillies/KronosQuartet production "The GoreyEnd", which was nominated for a Grammy in 2003
  • 2001Music for "The Tempest" Shakespeare/Jan Louwers
  • 2000-2003MD at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg ,where I met the Tiger Lillies to do the german production of "Shockheaded Peter"
  • 1990I worked with Bob Wilson ,Tom Waits and William S.Burroughs on the musictheatreproduction "The Black Rider" at Thalia Theatre,Hamburg
  • 1976I studied music at the university for music,drama and dance in Hannover/Hamburg



Robert Wilson | Tom Waits | Phelim Mcdermott | Julian Crouch | Tiger Liliies | Jan Louwers | Jan Bosse


Robert Wilson | Herbert Grönemeyer | Rufus Wainwright | Cocorosie | George Tabori | Kronos Quartet | Jean Boue | Thomas Langhoff | Nicolas Stemann | Tom Kühnel /Jürgen Kuttner | Katarina Thalbach | Thomas Quasthoff | Suse Waechter | Julian Rosefeldt


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